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Right from childhood Sam had heard that Canada was a welcoming country. So when the time came for the decision to move to Canada, Sam researched and found that Alberta was the most business friendly province. It was in 2001 that Sam and Kav came to Canada. Both spent the first few years learning to know the people, the culture and the business environment.

Albertino Liquor was established by Sam in 2003. Having learned from personal experience in the Liquor industry, Sam knew what the people required. Albertino Liquor decided from day one to ensure that they would always carry on their inventory, a large number of local brands and offer excellent service to its customers.

Albertino Liquor is a locally owned and operated small business. Albertino Liquor has a wide variety of both North American and European beverages. Albertino makes sure that they carry a large number of Canadian favorites whether it be the Canadian Royal or the Canadian wines. It also obtains beverages from local breweries to cater to those who want to sample the local products. Albertino Liquoe is proud to offer extended hours of service. During the normal operations, Albertino Liquor is open till 2 am to cater to those who are getting back home after their evening shifts.

Albertino Liquor has always been a part of the local community. It works with the other local vendors to keep a part of the profits in the local region/province. It also donates a part of the revenue to local charities.


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